A New Blog, Now What?

This is the first post of this blog and with it being past midnight I couldn’t be bothered making one about a technical topic. So instead here is an explanation of my plans with the blog.

I got inspired by the prolific blogging of Mike Blumenkrantz and some discussion on the VKx discord that some actually written updates can be very useful, and that I don’t need to make a paper out of each one.

At the same time I have been involved in some longer running things on the driver side which I think could really use some updates as progress is made. Consider for example raytracing, DRM format modifiers, RGP support and more.

I have no plans at all to be as prolific as Mike by a long shot, but I think the style of articles is probably a good template of what to expect from this blog.

Written on April 3, 2021